Excel Proman prototype version
Version 2.0, March 2, 1999


This is an Intelligent Product Manual (IPM) prototype for SL-320/600 CNC turning center produced by Excel Csepel Machine Tools Ltd, Hungary. The prototype system is being developed by Technical University of Budapest (TUB) in the framework of the European INCO-Copernicus 96/0231 project. For more information visit the TUB IPM Project Web site, and the official ProManual Project Web page.


This IPM prototype version currently contains a Web-based multimedia documentation covering the technical data, standard accessories, constructional units, product installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance guide of the CNC turning center. A Java-based diagnostic application example, and a maintenance support tool, which describes the disassembly of the main spindle, are also included.


The following software components are required in order to view the entire prototype:

Legal Notices

This is a copyrighted material.
The contents (documentation, software, etc) are provided as-is, in the hope that they work correctly and contain useful information, but without any expressed or implied warranty or liability.
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Dr. Gusztáv Arz
Technical University of Budapest, Department of Manufacturing Engineering
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